Putting The Past To Sleep

Putting The Past To Sleep

  1. Why does your wife often act just like your mother?
  2. How come your boss and other leaders often treat you the same way your father did?
  3. Why do you often find yourself doing the very things you saw and hated in your father?
  4. Why are you having problems with your own children, just like you had with your parents?

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Have You Rejected Your Masculinity

Have You Rejected Your Masculinity?

What Kind of Image Did Your Father Give

People often tell me that I remind them of their father. I would consider this a compliment if I did not know better. Unfortunately most of the time people who say this had a bad relationship with their father, and I find it difficult to reach them because of this.

The truth is that many have had a bad father experience, and as a result of this, they have a made choice that has affected every area of their lives. Continue reading “Have You Rejected Your Masculinity”

Prophetic Seeing

Seeing in the Spiritual Realm

Chapter 01 – Prophetic Seeing

There is an old saying that goes,

A picture is worth a thousand words.

When it comes to prophetic revelation this principle is very true, because a large portion of the revelation that a prophet receives comes via the medium of vision.

Visions are the language of the spirit, since the sense of sight is the strongest of our five senses. If God communicates something to you, it comes up out of your spirit and into your mind via the five senses. Continue reading “Prophetic Seeing”

Apostolic Preparation And Training

Death, Change and Qualification

The Apostolic Preparation and Training

Chapter 01 – Death of a Vision

I shared my story elsewhere about some of the experiences that the Lord took me through. In the middle of that though there were some principles that the Lord applied in my training.

Although you may not follow the exact same order and have the exact same experiences, the principles that you are going to experience are going to be the same.

The Lord has given me three words to describe what you must go through along the route of being trained to be an apostle. Those words are death, change and qualification. Continue reading “Apostolic Preparation And Training”

Health Wealth And Relationships

Health, Wealth and Relationships

Life is such a struggle. Whether it be financial problems, health problems, or problems with people, it seems like you are in a continual fight.

If you know the Lord then you have someone that you can turn to. For most of us, our continual prayer is for the Lord to intervene in our lives and bring the blessing that we desire.

If I were to ask you what you would like the Lord to do for you right now, the chances are that what you want will fall into one of these three areas. Continue reading “Health Wealth And Relationships”