Be Your Unique Self

Do you know that you are special and that the Lord has something unique for you? He has no favorites and wants to bring out the best in you? I am sure you know that in theory. But perhaps in reality it feels like a different story. 

Each person is different and unique. Actually it’s great that each one looks different and is not like a cookie cutter. If we were all the same we would not be able to identify each other. 

When it comes to abilities and being unique, In the natural I felt a failure because I was just mediocre at most things. I didn’t really stand out in any area, except at perhaps messing things up. 

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No More Drifting Away

With the recent pandemic and having to be cautious about everything you do, I have faced some personal conflict.

On the one hand not a lot has changed, because we continue with our ministry online, which has always been our emphasis. But on the other hand things are going to change.

And I started to look to the Lord and wonder, “What am I going to be doing now Lord?”

It is clear that from now on a lot of things will change in everyone’s life. And if you have been following us you know that the Lord even confirmed this, with the vision of the coming storm that we shared. The vision spoke of how the Lord is going to bring out many new ships that were not known before and many big ships are going to sink.

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Putting The Past To Sleep

Putting The Past To Sleep

  1. Why does your wife often act just like your mother?
  2. How come your boss and other leaders often treat you the same way your father did?
  3. Why do you often find yourself doing the very things you saw and hated in your father?
  4. Why are you having problems with your own children, just like you had with your parents?

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Have You Rejected Your Masculinity

Have You Rejected Your Masculinity?

What Kind of Image Did Your Father Give

People often tell me that I remind them of their father. I would consider this a compliment if I did not know better. Unfortunately most of the time people who say this had a bad relationship with their father, and I find it difficult to reach them because of this.

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