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Leading The Way To The End Time Church

Apostle Les D. Crause Apostle Daphne Crause

During the final years of the past century, the Lord led Les and Daphne Crause to leave their homeland of South Africa and migrate to Mexico. There they lived, just south of the US Border near Tijuana. 

Although their original plan was to retire and receive an income while running a computer system for a relative, the Lord changed their plans and they found themselves starting an online ministry which began to reach the world. 

For over 17 years Les and Daphne lived and worked in Mexico, and during that time they went through an intense time of training and preparation, as the Lord trained and qualified them to rise up as Apostles in the Body of Christ Universal, and as trainers of the Fivefold Ministry.

They established several online training schools and drew to themselves many spiritual children who came to receive training and then left to go and establish their own ministries.  Included in these were some of Les's children who were ready to receive training. For a season they helped as part of the ministry team, and then the time came when each left to follow their own calling. 

Only a few remained, including Les and Daphne's son John, who was now old enough to become an active part of the ministry team.  When the Lord later moved Les and Daphne back to South Africa to continue the work, they set up a new ministry team and live training schools in South Africa, in addition to Distance Learning for students online. 

GBM Academy

To train the leaders in the Body of Christ, a full training organization was formed called Global Business Ministries Academy. Lessons are offered in live classes at the GBM Headquarters, located in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

You can find out more about GBM Academy at the following web address: 

From here several specialist training schools are conducted as follows:

The Cave of Adullam Apostolic School

This school was established for those who have already moved through full Prophetic Training and have qualified for the Prophetic Office. 

The curriculum involves two years of study and takes those called to Apostolic Office to a level where they are qualified to take their place as Apostles in Office in the Body of Christ. 

You can find out more about the Apostolic School by visiting the website using the following web link: 

The GMB Prophetic School

This school was established to help accurately train those who have a Prophetic Calling on their lives. 

The course consists of two full years of study and training. During the first year, students are trained to function in Prophetic Ministry and the course is very practical.  This first year of training is offered to all believers, and not only those who have a specific prophetic calling on their lives. 

The second year of this course is specifically for those who are called to the higher Prophetic Office. The training is more intensive, and if the student embraces the principles and applies them, they can end up qualifying for and being placed in full Prophetic Office. 

You can find out more about the Prophetic School by visiting the website using the following web link: 

The GBM Pastoral School

The Pastoral school is for those who are to be Pastors in local churches. Many of the students are already Pastors and leaders of their own ministries. 

During the first year of training, students are taught all the basics of ministry for the Pastoral, Evangelistic and Teaching functions of the Fivefold Ministry. 

Then the second year is for those who are called to a more intensive teaching ministry and are likely moving towards the Apostolic Office. This training is different to the Cave of Adullam, where students are taken to the Apostolic level via the Prophetic Ministry. 

Most of the second year students in this school are Pastors who are called to be Teachers in Office or Apostles in the Body of Christ.

You can find out more about the Pastoral School by visiting the website using the following web link: 

The Fivefold Business School

The Fivefold Business School follows a curriculum based on the principles that the Lord taught Les both in the field and in the backside of the desert concerning believers who are called more to business than to ministry. 

It is both a practical course and full training on how to function in the Business Calling, which is something still relatively new in the Body of Christ. 

At present, there is only a first-year curriculum, but a second year is due to be added shortly, which will be for those whose prime calling is more to business than ministry. With that being said, it has been established that most Apostles do have a business dimension to their calling, even when their emphasis is mostly on ministry. 

You can find out more about the Prophetic School by visiting the website using the following web link: 

GBM Fellowship

In addition, a live Church Fellowship was established called GBM Fellowship. Meeting each Sunday, Les, and Daphne and their ministry team seek to show how the New Church should look. 

Meetings are currently held each Sunday morning at 11 am, which allows those who have to travel to attend. 

All meetings are recorded into the camera, and weekly ministry is published for all to see and enjoy on a special website called GBM TV. 

You can find out more about GBM TV on the following web link: 

Other Ministry Divisions and Websites

Over the past twenty years, Les and Daphne have established many different divisions of ministry. There are specialized courses for many practical subjects such, How To Live a Life of Blessing, How to Have a Heavenly Marriage and How to Overcome Evil through correct ways of deliverance. 

Below you will find a list of some of these additional ministry websites. 


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