Reach World

Reach The World With Gospel

Reaching The World

1. Intercede for Lost – All true Evangelism should start with intercessory prayer. This allows the Holy Spirit to lead us to the right people who need the Lord and are ready to receive Him.

2. Be ready to witness – We should be prepared to share the Gospel at any time without anyone we meet. When you are ready and wanting to win the lost, the Lord will create opportunities for you.

3. Train Evangelists – Sharing the Gospel with others does not come naturally to most people. We need to train believers and show them how to share the Gospel correctly.

4. Follow-up Program – You cannot birth a baby and then just leave it. Nor can you lead someone to the Lord and just leave them. There needs to be a correct follow-up program

5. Basic teachings – New believers need to be given basic teachings, just as babies need only milk at first. So there needs to be a training program for new believers which introduces the basics and gives them a foundation of Bible teaching.