The Coming Resurrection

The Covid-19 Pandemic

Given by Apostle Les D. Crause on Easter Sunday, April 12th 2020

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As the condition of this world has grown worse with the expansion of the Coronavirus pandemic, I have cried out to the Lord to show me why this has happened, and what the Body of Christ should be doing about it.

I believe that the word He gave me the Coming Storm is upon us. But the Lord has said that this storm which has brought and continues to bring about a huge death not only in the natural but also in the state of the Body of Christ, will be displaced and overcome by a Coming Resurrection.

I asked Him to explain it to me, and then I sat down and wrote the words of the prophetic word listed below. I trust that you will read it prayerfully and seek the Lord about which part you will play in helping this resurrection to come about.

We stand ready to take you by the hand and help lead you into the next phase that the Lord has for His Body.

The Prophetic Word

My people have allowed themselves to become scattered and the enemy has divided them and weakened their resources until he was able to launch this attack because there was no protection for it from the Body of Christ.

Instead of uniting together and setting up a network of protection, each leader has sought to build their own empire, even competing with one another for prominence and support. But the enemy has been preparing for this over time, knowing that the best way to scatter the sheep is to strike the shepherd.

So many of the great leaders in the Body have stumbled and fallen because they made themselves too visible and were not covered by the protection needed for the body to survive in the event that they were unable to function.

The churches became caught up in the ways of the world, producing huge empires with huge budgets. They have set themselves up as huge sailing vessels and airplanes that seemed invincible, purely because of their size and financial resources.

But My people have neglected that which matters the most – the unity at the lower levels, and the only love that can bind them together as they fellowship closely together in Me. They have been so busy trying to fulfill their goals and aspirations that they neglected what was already in their hands,

They failed to value the lesser members of their community and their immediate family members whom they have taken for granted. In seeking self-exaltation, they have forgotten the main reason that I called them – to extend My Kingdom into the earth.

And so they have sought to build and extend their own kingdoms, under the guise that they were doing this for Me. But in reality, they have been doing it for themselves, says the Lord.

So while they were busy building their palaces and temples, they forgot to build their walls, and the only protection from the attack of the enemy took second place in their agendas. So that while they were building their edifices, the enemy sneaked in through the holes in their walls, and began to lay a trap.

Instead of being a model to the world, My church has become a slave to this world. And because of this, I have had to allow that which they have depended on to be removed, so that they can open their eyes and see that I have something so much better for them says the Lord.

Now they cry out to me and they seek to attack the enemy that has brought this upon them. But if they had kept watch in the evil day and seen the danger approaching, they would have rallied together against the enemy and prevented him from entering in.

Therefore it is time once again for all that is not of Me to be brought to death and purged. So that My church can arise once more in power and glory and become a lighthouse to this world.

And if My people will simply put away their past habits and practices, and allow me to pave a new way for them, they will not only rout this enemy but they will rise up stronger than ever before, and the enemy will no longer have any license or means of entering in.

It is now as it was in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah, where the temple had been destroyed and the walls had been broken down. For this is a time of death, where all of these things that have stood boldly in their own strength will be brought to the ground in ruins. And My Church will learn that I will build My Church on the right foundation and on the right pattern,

I will raise up those who will receive the new patterns from Me and will rebuild My Church on the right pattern. And I will raise up those who will rebuild My walls, and take their place as watchmen on those walls. So that the enemy will not be able to get in again.

And glory of the new will far exceed the glory of the old says the Lord. For My church will come to life and every single member of My body will know how to take their place, and move in My power. And those who rise up in leadership positions will simply hold the reins, as each member of My body comes to life and takes My power and My word to the nations to bring them into My Kingdom.

For the resurrection shall as always far exceed that which has died says the Lord, and when I arise in My Church I shall arise at all levels and not only at higher leadership levels. And My body will be fully mobilized as a mighty army and they shall go forth in My Name and take the kingdoms of this world for Me says the Lord.

What Happens After The Resurrection?

The Lord already told us this in the prophetic word that He gave us at the beginning of the year for 2020. You can read it here:

How Do We Get To The Resurrection?

I will explain this in my message tonight on Easter Sunday which is entitled Resurrected To What?

You can find it on our Gbm Television Facebook page at

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