Group: Apostolic Degrees

Apostolic Calling

For everyone who is called to be an Apostle

Apostolic Entrepreneur

For those who are called to Business

Apostolic Implementers

Apostles who make things happen - Joshua and Solomon

David The Apostolic Model

All you need to start doing apostolic ministry

Fivefold Leadership

For the Leaders in the Body of Christ

God Kind of Church

What the future church will look like

Seven Functions of Apostolic Leadership

The Apostolic Minister

What kind of Apostle are you?

Group: Arts Degree

Christian Bookwriting International

For all who desire to write well

Developing The Arts

How to use your artistic abilities in ministry

Group: Business Degrees

Fulfill Your Destiny

Become what you were meant to be

God Kind of Business

The way God wants business to be run

Keys to Blessing

All the basics on business and prosperity in 40 short lectures

Personnel Management

Leading and Managing People God's Way

Science and Art of Selling

Business Success Through Selling The Right Way

Walking in Prosperity

How to prosper as a believer

Group: Compulsory Courses

Bringing The Power

All you need to know about how to use the Power of God in ministry

Characteristics of the Fivefold Ministry

What each member of the Fivefold looks like

Human Nature Gods Way

No matter what your calling YOU NEED THIS

Launching Your Ministry

Plot your course before you launch

Group: Evangelistic Degrees

Essential Teachings

Things every believer should known

Evangelistic Ministry Made Easy

Evangelism is easier than you realize

The Evangelistic Calling

All you need to function as a Full Evangelist

The Ministry of Healing

Learn how to minister healing to others

Your Spiritual Life

All you need to get started with a successful spiritual life

Group: Foundational Courses

Living in Blessing

Learn how to live a life of blessing

The Anointing of God

You can flow in God's power and spiritual gifts

Group: Pastoral Degrees

How to Study the Bible

Pastoral Counseling

Become an expert counselor

Spiritual Transformation

Breaking free of the past and its influences

The Pastoral Calling

Moving into your calling as a Pastor

Group: Prophetic Degrees

Developing The Prophetic Ministry

First steps in becoming a prophet

Functioning in Prophetic Office

How to function as a full prophet

How To Hear From God

Prophet in a Box

Full prophetic training in one seminar

Prophetic Praying

Learning what makes a Prophet breathe - prayer

Training For Prophetic Office

Move from Prophetic Ministry to full office

Group: Seminars

Heavenly Marriage

How To Build A Marriage That Is Heaven On Earth

Overcoming Evil

The Ultimate Course on Deliverance

School of Blessing

The School of Blessing Study Course and Seminar

The Soul Winning Seminar

Learn how to win souls and raise them up to maturity

The Transformed Life

Group: Teaching Degrees

Bible Doctrine

All the important doctrines in one place

How to Preach and Teach

Easy steps to a teaching ministry

Teaching Calling

Moving into full Teaching Office

Walking in Victory

Living a life of victory


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