Prophetic Word 2022

by Les D. Crause

As another year comes to a close, many are wondering what the New Year will hold in store. And as always there will be many who will give a prophetic word of what they believe the New Year will bring. 

Some of these may touch on the truth, but many will be nothing more than an expression of the desires and aspirations of those who think they are prophets. So do not put your faith in one specific prophetic word, but as the Scriptures say, test the spirits to see if they are of God.

I have given such words at the beginning of most years, but after having had much experience both flowing in the Prophetic Ministry and training Prophets, I must issue a word of caution. So before I share what God showed me concerning the year ahead, I would like to explain how the Gift of the Word of Wisdom operates in prophetic ministry.

How God Reveals The Future

The Word of Wisdom is the gift of the Spirit involved in identifying and planning for the future. It is a spiritual gift through which the Holy Spirit reveals what God desires to do in the future. 

Although this gift may produce what appears to be predictions concerning the future, it is never designed to present events that are destined to take place. Those who share a word of wisdom in this way often are found to be wrong, because the events they predict do not take place. 

Are these people false prophets who were in deception? Not necessarily. They may have identified in the Spirit what God desires to do in the time that lies ahead. But they presented this revelation as a fatalistic prediction rather than an indication of God’s perfect will. 

Whatever God does upon the earth is always done in association with human beings. He has placed the authority in the earth in the hands of mankind, and He limits His work to what men and women allow Him to do. 

The Role of True Prophets

Those who carry the greater ability to release God’s will in the earth are those who have been trained and qualified as prophets in office. But many who offer prophetic words are nothing more than believers operating in gifts of revelation. 

To release God’s will on the earth a prophet in office needs more than just a word of wisdom, identifying what God desires to do. They need in addition the gift of faith to release that will of God into the earth and to literally create it with God’s power. 

Not many prophets have tapped into this gift and not many even know how to use it combined with the word of wisdom. So they issue a prophetic word as a prediction of what is to take place. And what they share may indeed be what God desires to do. 

But until a decree is released into the earth in faith, releasing the will of God into the earth and causing the words spoken to come to pass, they are nothing more than an expression of what God desires. 

Sovereignty of God And Man

The confusion comes because of theological teachings that God is sovereign and does as He pleases. And although the Scriptures do teach that God is sovereign, they also teach that He has chosen to work with the sovereignty that He placed in mankind. 

As the will of God is released by a human will that is in alignment with His, God is empowered to do amazing things in the earth. But while men and women remain passive, His will can be thwarted and prevented from taking place. 

It is the role of all true prophets, specifically those who are in office, to find out the will of God and then release that will into the earth. This is done by a combination of intercessory prayer and prophetic decree. 

Understanding these principles then, I would like to share what God has revealed to me concerning the year that lies ahead. I do not share this as a prediction of what will take place, but a direction for those who know how to release His will into the earth to pick up and transmit.

As we use the power that God has given us through His Holy Spirit, and the authority that is available to us in the Name of Jesus, we will see the Lord do amazing things in this world in the year that lies before us. 

Failure to act on these words could see them falling to the ground and unfulfilled. So please take these words seriously and ask the Lord what part you should play in bringing them to pass. 

The Pandemic

Probably at the top of everyone’s list of questions would be to know when this pandemic will end and when life will return to normal. And this is one of the first things that the Lord revealed to me even before the current new surge caused by the fourth wave in this country and soon spreading to all other countries of the world. 

The Lord showed me some 20 years ago a vision of the current worldwide upheaval caused by the pandemic. And although God was not the author of it, He showed me the effect that it would have on the visible church. If you have not read my prophetic word, The Coming Storm, you can still find it on our websites here:

The Coming Storm

The main thrust of this prophetic word was to show that God was going to allow the visible status quo church, which boasts in its size and natural resources, to face a time of upheaval. And many large ministries have floundered and struggled because of the pandemic. 

Big-name preachers who drew the crowds could no longer hold large meetings and they lost much of their fame and fortune. Building projects that had consumed millions in construction were left empty and unused. And the church system as we know it suffered severe upheaval. 

And although this was clearly a work of the enemy, yet it has also caused much of what was never God’s pattern to be abandoned in favor of something smaller and more reliable. 

Now the Body of Christ is more ready to accomplish what they were created for, and the Lord has been raising up in the background, ministries that will arise as the pandemic comes to an end. 

When Will It End?

Many in the world have reconciled themselves to living with the pandemic for years to come. But the Lord showed me that the pandemic is due to come to an end in the near future and will not continue indefinitely. 

There are many reasons why this will take place,  both naturally and spiritually. And I do not believe that man’s attempt to stop it with vaccinations will be the deciding factor. 

I would like to mention that I am not against vaccination and any believer who is vaccinated has not sinned or shown a lack of faith in the Lord. The use of medications is nowhere condemned in the Scriptures. 

The Lord certainly has a better way of healing, but those who do not have the faith to trust God for healing and protection can still be blessed using medication while their faith is still growing. 

If the pandemic were to end because of vaccinations, however, then we are all totally dependent on the whims and skills of man and the abilities of those who are outside of Christ. 

History shows that there have been many previous pandemics, and they ended without the modern skills producing medications and vaccinations. Science tries to explain why all pandemics eventually simply ceased, but in reality, they do not really know. 

So from a natural point of view, this pandemic, like those that came before will eventually come to an end. And history shows that most of them lasted only about 2 years. 

But there is also a spiritual reason why the pandemic cannot continue indefinitely. And I share this especially because it is clear that the main purpose of this pandemic was to attack and cripple the Church. It is far more than a natural phenomenon, but a specific spiritual attack on the Body of Christ. 

With this knowledge in mind, I can share with definite certainty that it must come to an end, for one simple reason. Satan does not have the resources to maintain his attack against believers indefinitely. 

He has an unruly hierarchy who hate each other and are held together with force and fear. And to maintain the kind of structure that leads to a specific attack on believers is something that costs the Devil big time. 

When he launched his biggest attack against the Son of God in the wilderness during his time of fasting, he had to eventually leave. The Scriptures tell us that he left Jesus for a season. Which means he had to stop but planned to return.

Luke 4: 13 And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season. [KJV]

I know from personal experience and have often ministered to those who are under spiritual attack, that the attack cannot last forever. And the pandemic is no exception. Each new variant in the virus is simply another way for the enemy to attack, but he is going to run out of ideas and resources soon. 

And then this pandemic will be over until he can recoup and attempt another one at some time in the future. So I believe we will probably see the current pandemic coming to an end early in the New Year. 

The New Normal

When this happens, life as we knew it will attempt to return to ‘normal’. But who even remembers what normal looks like? The pressures we have faced during this pandemic have changed us all in some way and we now view life in a different way. 

Sure, there will be those who quickly get back into their old habits again as though nothing had ever happened. These people have been controlled from the beginning and have never done much to bring change to this world. 

And the same thing will happen in the Body of Christ. Many will simply return to their old patterns of worship and ministry in the Status Quo church as though nothing had happened. They will continue in the powerless spiritual lives they have lived until now, depending on those who have more and have risen up as leaders in the System.

But for many, life could never be the same again. And the same applies to believers who have come through this difficult time. They will feel like the Israelites who survived the wilderness wanderings and left behind the dead bodies of those they lost along the way. 

But now they will be able to put that all behind them and set their sights on the Promised Land that lies before them. A land of blessing and prosperity, where much will change, and many good things will become available. 

A New Church Will Arise

The Lord showed me that a new Church will arise. Although it is not really a new church, it is a church that has been there all along yet not visible. It will look different from the standard church we have known in the past, and many will try to squeeze it back into the old mold. 

But this will be a church that is different from the visible Status Quo church we have seen for so long. It will be made up of ordinary people who have a great commitment to the Lord and do not seek to exalt themselves or make a show of what they do. 

It will be a church where every believer has a close relationship with the Lord and knows how to tap into His power. A church where each one knows their place and what God has called them to do. And they will not be afraid to stand up and challenge the old system that has failed to claim this world for the Lord. 

Those who are part of this new church will know how to move in the gifts of the Spirit and will walk in the mantles of God’s power. They will all be active in the work of the Lord every day and wherever they are, instead of being confined to the walls of a building or the limitations of an organization. 

They will know the Love of the Lord and have compassion for those who are in need all around them. And they will flow out in love, using the power of God to set the captives free and claim this world for the Kingdom of God. 

The Church will stand out clearly as separate from the World System, and there will be no doubt who are believers and who are not. Yet they will not hide away from those in the world but will mingle amongst them, carrying the light to dispel the darkness. 

And as the enemy continues to spread darkness in this world, filling hearts with fear and hatred, the Church of God will arise bringing light and new hope. And the people of God will no longer stand by and allow those who walk in darkness to control the nations. 

But they will stand up in the authority and power of almighty God and speak His Word and plans into the earth. And as the light goes out, the darkness will flee, so that many who are bound in chains of darkness will break free and know the joy and freedom that is in Christ. 

And instead of the earth being filled with darkness and controlled by the enemy, there will come a mighty move of God such as never has been before. But such moves will not be motivated by and controlled by isolated men and women of God who have risen up. They will come from every member of this new church, who knows how to bring the presence of God. 

And instead of great moves of God being seen in specific or isolated places or regions, there will be an explosion of moves of God in every nation. For the church will begin to move to a new place in Him, as a bride being prepared for her groom. 

This is what God desires for His church, starting with the year that lies ahead. And the prophets of God and the intercessors and those who take their place on the Prayer Wall as prophets should rise up and make it happen. 

And all those who name the Name of the Lord should get ready and make a commitment to be part of the new Church that God is going to create in the time that lies ahead.

The Role That GBM Will Play

Global Business Ministries International has been on the cutting edge of what God has been doing and will continue to do into the future. 

We originally concentrated on training only the leaders in the Fivefold Ministry, but this has failed to produce the kind of change that is needed in the Body of Christ. So we have extended our training now to include all believers. 

Until every believer is mobilized and empowered to take the power of God into this world it will remain unchanged, and the Church will remain powerless. 

We have therefore been setting in place many new resources and schools to equip God’s people to find and take their place in the time that lies ahead. And each of these will allow believers to find their place and do what God has equipped them to do. 

School of the Supernatural

At the forefront of these new schools is our School of the Supernatural, which was launched at the beginning of 2021. And those who participated in the lessons have all grown and began to prepare for this new move of God that is about to take place. 

Our most recent course covered all the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruits of the Spirit, and the contents of that course were released to the public via a new book we published called Building the Dove. 

You can get it by clicking the graphic or link below

But when we launch the second year of the school in the New Year, we will be covering an even more powerful aspect of moving in the Supernatural. We will be looking at the Mantles of God and the many different ways in which the gifts of the Spirit may manifest in ministry. 

Students who enroll early in the Supernatural School for the Second Year will not be required to first go through the first year. They will be given free access to all First Year teachings to go through at their leisure. 

We want to see every believer tap into the power of God and rise up and be used by Him in the year that lies ahead. This is part of our role in causing this Prophetic Direction from the Lord to be fulfilled. 

So pray about joining us in the School of the Supernatural. You could join now and use the holiday break to go through the first-year teachings in preparation for the Mantles of God in the New Year. 

You can find out more about the school here:

Gbm Schools

We have launched several new schools which will all become active in the New Year. You can find out more about these schools at our main Gbm Schools website: