The Next Storm

Over twenty years ago, the Lord gave me a vision that I called The Coming Storm. At the time I did not know how this would take place, but it only became clear when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, what that prophetic word was referring to.

As the time came for the pandemic to end, the Lord showed me that it would soon reach its peak and I shared that word also with the world. And the Lord also revealed that there is a new church coming as a resurrection takes place globally.

And as we began to prepare to be part of this new church, the Lord told us that a new wave of revival would be coming and that we should once again prepare to be part of it.

The History of Global Business Ministries

Towards the end of the last century, the Lord took us overseas to spend time in Mexico, from which we reached out to the whole world via the internet. The Prophetic Movement was starting to take shape, and the Lord gave us fresh revelation concerning the ministry of the Prophet. We set up training for prophets and produced materials that set a new standard in the training of the Fivefold Prophet.

Then, as the new century began, and the Apostolic Movement began to take shape, the Lord once again told us to be part of the launching of this movement. And we produced training for the apostles that has become a standard in the Body of Christ.

It was during that time the vision of The Coming Storm was given, and now we have come full circle and once again remained on the cutting edge of what the Lord is doing in the Body of Christ. So it is appropriate that I share now with the Church, God’s plan for the Body of Christ at this point in history.

There Is A New Storm Coming

As preparations are underway for us to take an active part in a new awakening that is due to take place, we are planning our first conference since the start of the pandemic, which we have decided to call

The Revival Fire Conference

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As I waited on the Lord concerning His plan for the future, He spoke these words to me:

“There is another storm coming that will be more devastating that the Coming Storm. But this time it is MY STORM.

The enemy had his turn and has fired his biggest shot, but now it is MY turn and I am about to show the world the power that I will manifest through My people.

Therefore open your spiritual eyes and see My cloud that is beginning to form in the sky. It is the cloud of My glory and power, and it will gain in strength and intensity as it approaches. And it will bring with it winds and rain that will shake the whole world.

The enemy already knows that it is coming, and he is doing his best to spew out evil in every nation. He has created strife, lack, and destruction to divert the attention of the Body of Christ and cause My people to be filled with fear.

But My Church will arise in power as never before, and I will pour out My Revival Power in ways that have never been seen before. So that instead of there being awakening in only one region or group as in the past, there will be a move of My Spirit in every nation of this world.

And I will not only anoint and empower those in leadership, but I will move in every single believer who desires to know My power and makes themselves available to Me. Until My glory covers the whole earth and causes My Church to rise up as the spotless bride that I desire.

Then shall I take My place amongst My people and cause a wave of growth to take place as many are brought into My Kingdom and My people rise up and experience everything that I bought for them on Calvary.

For I am coming for a glorious Church, says the Lord, and I am making My bride ready so that I may come and receive her unto myself. Therefore seek not an escape from the evil in the world, but seek My power to overcome the evil and to rise up and reign in life with Me.

For the coming storm will blow away everything that is not of Me, and it will cause growth and prosperity to come to My people so that they will rise up and defeat the powers of darkness and take this world for Me, says the Lord.

We are excited here at GBM to be given the privilege once again of being on the cutting edge of what the Lord is doing in His church. And we expect some wonderful things to happen at our conference in September/October.

Pray about joining us for this momentous event, which we believe will see the start of this new move here in South Africa. And we believe that you will be able to take some of this back with you to the place you live and spread the fire of the Lord that is about to break out on this earth.

In His Presence

Les D. Crause