Health Wealth And Relationships

Health, Wealth and Relationships

Life is such a struggle. Whether it be financial problems, health problems, or problems with people, it seems like you are in a continual fight.

If you know the Lord then you have someone that you can turn to. For most of us, our continual prayer is for the Lord to intervene in our lives and bring the blessing that we desire.

If I were to ask you what you would like the Lord to do for you right now, the chances are that what you want will fall into one of these three areas. Continue reading “Health Wealth And Relationships”

Love Beyond All Others

The Love Beyond All Others

Some years back I wrote a poem about the love of God and published it to our daily devotions list.

This poem touched so many people, that I decided to put it into a flash video with pictures and music to illustrate the powerful and emotional effect of the words.

Over time it was forgotten, and with the change of video technology the old original video became obsolete.

Recently I rediscovered it and found a way to upgrade it to a newer MP4 video, which I could offer once again on our websites for people to view and download. Continue reading “Love Beyond All Others”