Health Wealth And Relationships

Health, Wealth and Relationships

Life is such a struggle. Whether it be financial problems, health problems, or problems with people, it seems like you are in a continual fight.

If you know the Lord then you have someone that you can turn to. For most of us, our continual prayer is for the Lord to intervene in our lives and bring the blessing that we desire.

If I were to ask you what you would like the Lord to do for you right now, the chances are that what you want will fall into one of these three areas.

Now what if I told you that the Lord has already answered these prayers for you? What if I told you that you no longer need to ask for these things, since they are already yours?

I am sure that you would probably think I am crazy or in deception. You know what you are suffering, and it is clear that your prayers have not been answered yet.

I understand how you feel, but hold that thought for a moment and let me explain.

I want to show you your circumstances from a viewpoint that you may not have seen them before. I want to give you a view from a place you may not have looked before.

What Jesus Meant

As Jesus hung on the cross that took His life, he fought a battle on our behalf. As He hung there, a battle was going on in the heavenlies; on one side of Him stood all the hosts of Heaven; and on the other side stood all the demons of hell.

Nobody could see from the outside what was going on. But Jesus was carrying out a work that would change the lives of every person on the planet. He was about to complete the work of redemption that would buy back from us everything that we lost because of Adam.

And when it was done, Jesus let out a loud cry that thundered across the valley of the hill of Golgotha. He cried out the most famous words of all time.


And right after he uttered those words, He bowed His head and died.

But what did those words mean?

Did it mean that His suffering was over? Did it mean that He was giving up? Did it mean that Satan had won?

No, it meant something far greater than that. It meant that the battle was over. It meant that Jesus had won. And because He had won, it means that we also had won.

The fight that we had to face as a result of sin and the attack of the enemy was finally over. No longer would we have to be subject to the effects of the sin of Adam, or have to put up with the attacks from the enemy.

Jesus was declaring to the world, and to us as His future children, that He had done all that was needed to bring our victory and blessing.

You Are Already Blessed

Much later the Apostle Paul told us something similar when he penned the words to the Church at Ephesus.

In one of the most powerful passages of Scripture in the New Testament, he said the following:

Ephesians 1:3 Blessed [be] the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in [the] heavenly [realm] in Christ: (GBMV)

According to this verse, we no longer need to seek the Lord for blessing or ask Him to bless us.

Paul says that God has already blessed us in every way, with everything that God has to give.

It is finished; It is done

Just as Jesus cried out these words on the cross, so He now has offered us the benefits of the work that He has already carried out.

What exactly is finished then? What has God already blessed us with?

1.   He has blessed us with wealth. The Scripture says that He became poor so that we could become rich.

2.   He has blessed us with health. The Scripture says that because of His stripes, we are healed.

3.   He has blessed us with good relationships. The Scripture tells us that we can have fellowship with one another through His indwelling Holy Spirit.

Where Is It Then?

I am sure that the first question that comes to your mind is,

“If it is finished and I am already blessed, then why do I not see these things in my life right now?”

I am glad you asked that question, because I have some answers for you that will set you free. In fact I have answered this question in a complete series of teachings, which I called The Way of Blessing.

In this teaching series I show that God has already deposited into our spirits, all that we will ever need to rise up and experience blessing in our lives.


You see nothing in the spiritual life is automatic. Jesus died for the whole world, but the whole world is not walking in His salvation are they? They need to apply His death to their experience and make it theirs.

The same thing applies to your health, wealth and relationships. Jesus has already paid the price and given us all we need to experience blessing in these areas. But we do not experience  these things until we apply His work to our lives.

How Do You Do It?

I am glad you asked that question, because I have answered it for you in this teaching series, which is available for you right now.

I plan to teach you some of the principles in each new blog that I post here, but you can jump ahead and learn all of the principles by getting your hands on the most powerful teaching series I have ever given.

The full teaching is available for you to order from our bookshop.

Here is what you can get:

1. The New Way of Blessing Part 1 – Discovering your Blessing


2. The New Way of Blessing Part 2 – Using Your Blessing

Way of Blessing Part 2

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Author: Apostle Les

An Apostolic Father, Trainer of the Fivefold Ministry and Servant of Jesus

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