Putting The Past To Sleep

Putting The Past To Sleep

  1. Why does your wife often act just like your mother?
  2. How come your boss and other leaders often treat you the same way your father did?
  3. Why do you often find yourself doing the very things you saw and hated in your father?
  4. Why are you having problems with your own children, just like you had with your parents?

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Have You Rejected Your Masculinity

Have You Rejected Your Masculinity?

What Kind of Image Did Your Father Give

People often tell me that I remind them of their father. I would consider this a compliment if I did not know better. Unfortunately most of the time people who say this had a bad relationship with their father, and I find it difficult to reach them because of this.

The truth is that many have had a bad father experience, and as a result of this, they have a made choice that has affected every area of their lives. Continue reading “Have You Rejected Your Masculinity”

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Big Boys Don’t Cry

What are some of the main differences between men and women?

I am sure that by now you have figured out most of the differences in physical characteristics. But how would you identify a man from a woman if you could not see the physical differences?

How would you compare masculinity with femininity?

Some of the differences become obvious very early in a child’s life. My first three children were all daughters, and I got to understand how children think and behave. But I did not realize that I had only come to understand how ‘female’ children think and behave. That was until the Lord gave me a son. Then it all changed. Continue reading “Big Boys Don’t Cry”

God Kind of Man

You might be a male by birth but…

It Takes God to Be A Man

Les D, Crause

Hello, I am Les Crause, and I would like to invite you take a journey with me.

Being a man is not a simple matter. If you were an animal, your behavior would have been built into your gender. But you are not an animal.


That means you will need some help to become all God intends for you. And becoming a man, the way He intended is not automatic. The God Kind of Man is created by following clear Biblical Principles. Continue reading “God Kind of Man”