God Kind of Man

You might be a male by birth but…

It Takes God to Be A Man

Les D, Crause

Hello, I am Les Crause, and I would like to invite you take a journey with me.

Being a man is not a simple matter. If you were an animal, your behavior would have been built into your gender. But you are not an animal.


That means you will need some help to become all God intends for you. And becoming a man, the way He intended is not automatic. The God Kind of Man is created by following clear Biblical Principles.

There is a journey that every person must make, from birth to maturity. And there is a road that every person must walk in order to reach that goal. For men and women the road is different.

Part of the goal of every servant of God is to lead His people along that road, to show them the way. But since many leaders are still struggling themselves to find the right path, they are often not ready to lead others.

This website is dedicated to helping ALL MEN to find their way to that place of true manhood that God alone can give. So this website is FOR MEN ONLY. It is also open to women who wish to learn more about men, but women who would like help along their road need different directions. We have websites specifically dedicated to this as follows:

My wife Daphne also has some teachings specifically for married women, which you can find at her personal website at https://daphnecrause.com

The Image of a Man

Our ultimate image of Manhood is the greatest man of all time, The Lord Jesus Christ. But He is unique, because He also provides an image for women.

So if we want a picture of what man and woman should look like, we need to go back to the beginning. There, in the account of creation, you will see what the original man and woman looked like. And until sin entered, these two people were the ultimate image of man and woman.

I would like to help you become a true man as Adam was originally. And I would like to help you to become more like the ultimate man, The Lord Jesus Himself. I would like to help you become The God Kind of Man.

Where Are You On The Journey?

Perhaps you are still young and have not been on this journey for long. 
If that is true, then the pages of this website will help show you the way.

Perhaps you have been on this journey for some time, and have reached a level of maturity. 
If that is true, then this website will help show you how far you have traveled, and what still remains.

Perhaps you have struggled along this journey and lost your way. 
If that is true, then I hope you will soon understand better where you have gone wrong, and what you can do to make it through to the goal.

I dedicate this section to helping all men everywhere to become the God Kind of Man.

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Author: Apostle Les

An Apostolic Father, Trainer of the Fivefold Ministry and Servant of Jesus

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  1. Beautiful site. It looks like the site will do very well. I love it. I bless God I went in.

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