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The Way of Blessing Principles

Some years ago when we first launched out in full time ministry, the Lord taught me some principles that became the foundation of our spiritual lives. When we began to produce teachings on the spiritual life, these principles were put together into a full teaching which became the flagship of our ministry.

These principles have been proved and lived and they work. And if you apply them to your life, you can be guaranteed that your life will change. And you will break free of curses and bondage into a life of liberty, joy and abundant blessing from the Lord.

Below is a complete summary of all the main principles of the Way of Blessing.

If you wish to lay your hands on the full teaching, it is contained in the following two books, which are available from our bookshop using the links provided.

1. The New Way of Blessing Part 1 – Discovering your Blessing


2. The New Way of Blessing Part 2 – Using Your Blessing

Way of Blessing Part 2

1. God is the source of all blessing

2. We are blessed in four ways

a. Every kind of blessing

b. Blessings are in spiritual essence

c. Blessings come from the heavenly realm

d. They are given to us in Christ

3. The are four basic spiritual laws

a. The spiritual realm is greater than the physical realm

b. Spiritual power is released through words

c. There must be a blueprint for creation

d. The creator has the power of control and names the creation

4. The ability to speak words is a spiritual quality in man

5. There are two ways of releasing spiritual power:

a. Words

b. Actions

6. Man has been given copyright to this world and all contained in it.

7. The spirit of man only has authority while living in a body made from this world

8. There are three forces that come from the spirit, based on the natural functions of spirit

a. Faith

b. Hope

c. Love

9. Faith

a. Is based on words

b. Involves absence of doubt

10. Love is:

a. A spiritual force, not a feeling

b. Comes from another spirit

c. Most powerful when coming from the Holy Spirit

d. The starting point which leads to all feelings

11. Hope is:

a. Based on spiritual wisdom

b. Is always positive

c. Comes from endurance under trial

12. All three spiritual forces must work together to bring about results

13. Creative power is released via a template. 

14. It is better to create with a positive template.

15. Spiritual power is released through the soul

a. Through earnest desire

b. Through utterance of words

c. Through a picture in the mind

16. We create according to the will of God

a. This is never arbitrary

b. It is revealed in His Word

17. You can create a good template from the Word.

a. By memorizing it

b. By muttering it

c. By visualizing it

18. Once you have a good template, release the spiritual power through it

19. Spiritual power can be amplified, just like natural phenomena

a. It requires mixing two media together

b. These two are the Spirit and the Word

c. This is done by combining spirit and soul together

d. You do this through words and thoughts working together

20. Spiritual power must not be released until it has fully charged

a. It is released through words and actions

b. These words and actions are restrained until the right time

c. The final release comes through adding actions to your words

d. This now involves spirit, soul and body.

21. Power may also be released through music

a. Music has the power to bring the soul into harmony with the spirit

b. When this happens, spiritual resonance takes place

c. Rhythm has the ability to bring the body into harmony with the soul

d. When this happens, full resonance takes place in spirit, soul and body.

The Process of Blessing

A. Find Your Key Needs and Desires

1. Write down a description of your life right now.

2. Which parts are blessing and which are not. 

3. List the things you want to change. 

4. List your basic needs. 

5. List your desires.

B. Preparing For Blessing

6. Note which needs and desires have not been met. 

7. Start seeing Jesus give you all these things. 

8. Thank Him as you receive each one. 

9. Start naming the things that are under your Control. 

10. Start calling the things that are not as though they are. 

11. Identify the things that are going wrong. Check your words that might be causing this. 

12. List the things that you want.  Write words that can make these yours. 

13. List both sets of words together in two columns. Find alternate words for the ones that are causing problems. 

14. Identify the spiritual Functions in yourself. Learn to listen to your spirit. 

15. Identify which items the Lord has given to you. If you are not sure, then go through the list again, seeing Him giving it to you. 

16. Develop the force of love. 

17. Develop hope by thinking of past events you lived through.

18. Identify habit patterns in your life. 

19. Identify templates and triggers. 

C. Obtaining Your Core Desire

20. Select a core desire and begin to build a template for it. 

a. Find Scripture to support your desire.

b. Memorise and Bulldoze.

c. Add visualisation as you bulldoze.

d. Personalise the verses as much as possible.

e. Alternate bulldozing with speaking in tongues.

f. Continue until the power is flowing strongly.

21. Begin now to speak forth your desires. 

a. Say something like,”In the Name of Jesus I have ________.

b. Then thank the Lord for it.

c. As you praise note all pictures that come to your mind.

22. As faith arises in your heart, begin to release it. 

a. Think of a loving action you can carry out.

b. Release your faith with action.

c. Tell someone what God has done.

d. Speak your faith outwards into the earth.

23. As you release the power using faith, hope and love

a. Look for some sign of results to your words

b. Follow this with Massive Action.

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Author: Apostle Les

An Apostolic Father, Trainer of the Fivefold Ministry and Servant of Jesus

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  1. Moemedi Malindah says:

    The greatest gift I have received is to be “hand-held” to walk into what I have been praying for. The Way of blessing 1 and 2 books are a must-have to walk into all your blessing. I strongly recommend them. Thank you for the summary Apostle Les.🙏🙏🙏

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